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About Us

  OUYITE (OETE) Packing is a professional manufacturer of eyewear accessaries, who is located in Jiangsu, China.

  We still focus on providing high quality microfiber lens cloth, pouch, spray lens cleaner, eyewear case and so on since building on 2012.

  Microfiber cleaing cloth, pouch and glasses case from our company are made of excellent raw material based on advanced production technology. Our products are widely sold all over the world used for cleaning spectacles, digital products,LED screen, precision machine, high-end furniture,jewelry etc, the high quality products achieved the customer a good impression.

  You will see our booth on optical show all over the world, such as MIDO, Opti Munich, Vision Expo East/west, SILMO and so on.

  Now, the workshop has expanded from 2000m2 to 8000m2, and the workers has increased to 80 persons. 

Regular color list for microfiber fabric
Booth no. of WOF : 2C25 -27 (温州展摊位号)
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Microfiber lens cloth / Perfect choice for any screen
Hot sale products
Soft case
Very clean
No chip
No scratch
Microfiber bag / Fit for any tyep eyewear
Hot sale products
Superior quality
Fine workmanship
Spray lens cleaner / Safely clean all lens types without streaking
Hot sale products
Superior quality Fine workmanship
Eyewear case / you can always find one case for your eyewear
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Shopping bag / Happy shopping, environmentally - friendly life
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environmentally - friendly
Others / We supply everything you need
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eyewear stap
silk sleep mask
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Jiangsu 214196 China
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